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Jewelry in any form, especially anklets, has been a favorite accessory for girls and women for thousands of years. Even though they have been around for seemingly forever, they are a hit among the ladies even today, who can be seen wearing a white gold anklet with excitement. In South Asia alone, anklets have been a part of the local women’s lives from the last eight millennia.

What about civilization, that existed in other areas of the world thousands of years ago, Egyptian women have also been known to wear amulets, anklets as well as other forms of jewelry in their time. In America, anklets are not as old, however; first accounts of women exploring this type of accessory are dated back to the 1930s.

Anklets are arguably the most popular in India where they are considered to be an extremely important part of a woman’s’ jewelry and are often gifted to girls and women by their family and relatives for birthdays and other ceremonies. In fact, one can probably even hear the sweet jingling of the bells in a traditional Indian anklet in almost any street even today! Of course, anklets have evolved a lot throughout generations and these days you will find lots of beautiful designs that cater to all kinds of tastes. 

Whether you want a pair of anklets like your mother has or just want to wear a single piece in one of your feet, there are plenty of trendy patterns and simple designs to choose from. Aside from being the best place to buy diamond earrings, Nehita Jewelry also offers a range of beautiful designs that look and feel great to wear, you can explore your options on our online store anytime.

In this blog, we are about to show some must-have anklets for women and girls and why these should have a place in their jewelry box.

White Gold, Yellow Gold Anklet and More Designs

As mentioned above, there are many stylish designs as far as anklets for girls are concerned. Here are some of our recommendations, a few designs that women should include in their collection:

Anklets with Diamonds

For those who like to go all out on their jewelry and love the sparkle of diamonds, these are perfect. These will go great with some pearl and diamond earrings and a bangle bracelet for added elegance. This is surely a combination that suits all kinds of outfits since it is simple yet sophisticated.

Anklets made from Metal 

These are just as popular as those made from any other material. Some believe that metallic anklets instill a sense of bravery and fearlessness in the wearer and make them more confident and bolder. This material enables designers to incorporate many kinds of intricate patterns to reflect various effects, which turns them into ideal partywear that goes well with both ethnic and western outfits.

Crystal Anklets

Anklets that have crystals attached to them are appropriate for any occasion and outfit. You can find these at our online store which you already know is the best place to buy stud earrings and a great range of statement jewelry. If you are looking for something unique to represent your style, then you should go for a pair of these types of anklets no matter what you wear.

Multi-Colored Semi-Precious Gems in Anklets

Since these anklets have gems in different colors, you can mix and match them with your outfits. You can carry them with style as long as the colors go well with each other. Nehita jewelry offers designs of this kind, including an anklet that is made up of 18 karats white gold along with semi-precious charms..

These were some of the hundreds of patterns available today, which also include star-shaped designs, gold patterns, rainbow-colored creations, and much more.

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