How to Choose Pearl and Diamond Stud Earrings?

How to Choose Pearl and Diamond Stud Earrings?

Pearl and Diamond Stud Earrings are timeless beauties in the world of gems that never go out of style. Also, they are one of those must-have jewelry for every woman. Not only do they look classy, but they also enhance the beauty of the person wearing them.

pearl and diamond stud earrings

Whether you’re buying pearl and diamond stud earrings for yourself or as a gift to somebody, there are certain things you should know in order to make a good purchase. 

How can you choose the best pearl or diamond stud earrings and also add a pinch of richness to your beauty.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Pearl and Diamond Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings are one of a kind jewelry piece that almost every age group of people wear effortlessly. These come in a wide variety of styles and price ranges. You can wear them daily and still not find it monotonous. So, if you are planning to purchase these stud earrings, first, you need to know the following:

  1. Types of Ear Studs

Before you approach any shop or online store, confirm whether you need a single stone or wish to purchase a design with multiple stones. Once you have decided, it will help you narrow down your choices. 


  • Single Stone Ear Stud

It’s an excellent choice for getting simple plain pearl or diamond studs. These come in various sizes and shapes.

  • Multiple Stone Option

It provides you with several options you can choose from. You can either pick from plain diamonds or pearls or go for different gemstones or both. 

  • No Stone Option

Just in case, you don’t want any diamond or pearl or color gemstones, you can opt for plain gold ear studs. 


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  1. Color of Diamond and Pearl

Natural pearls come in white, black, cream, grey, gold, and silver color. While diamonds may be white, steel gray, yellow, blue, orange, green, red, pink, purple, brown, and black. 

Real black pearls are very rare and are found in South Seas oysters. Most times, white pearls are dyed black and sold. When shopping be sure to ask if the pearls were dyed.

  1. Luster

Is something to consider while choosing a diamond or pearl stud earring. Luster doesn’t only mean how shinning the pearl or diamond is, but how reflective their surfaces are. 

The higher the luster, the more reflective the surface of the diamond and pearls. To help you with the search for the best place to buy stud earrings with high authenticity, we would recommend you to explore Nehita Jewelry.

  1. Authenticity

While purchasing pearl or diamond-studded earrings, you should check their authenticity to be sure that you are getting the real jewels.

So, if you are concerned about the authenticity of the product, then Cheers! Nehita offers the best product with high authenticity. 

pearl and diamond stud earrings

Pearl and Diamond Stud Earrings at Nehita

Nehita offers a wide range of pearl and diamond earrings ranging from Yellow Sapphire studsearrings to Spiral Lemon & Topaz stud earrings. Apart from these,we have a fantabulous collection of necklaces, anklets, bracelets, bangles, and more.

For more information, explore the myriad of options available on our website. We ensure you will be delighted with what we have in our store. 

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