Peridot Gemstone Bracelet- An Incredible Way to Adorn Your Wrist

Peridot Gemstone Bracelet- An Incredible Way to Adorn Your Wrist

Are you an August-born fellow? If yes, then gift yourself a Peridot gemstone bracelet this New Year. Loved by many, this vibrant yellow-green gemstone is considered as a symbol of prosperity and opportunity. It is very rare and occurs naturally in one color.

This gemstone is a kind of Olivine (olive green)- a mineral composed of iron and magnesium. However, with the insertion of outside components, these gemstones can transpire into every color of the rainbow.

Nevertheless, the August birthstone only and always comes in subtle green shades. It can never be red, purple, blue, orange, or anything else. It has a unique specificity. To know more about what makes this gemstone enchanting, keep reading until the end.

peridot gemstone bracelet

The History and Importance of Wearing Peridot Gemstone

The existence of peridot was first recorded by an ancient naturalist- Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD) on a small island off the coast of Egypt. He named this gem as well as the island as “topazios”. The island was later renamed to Zabargad or St. John’s Island. Also, it’s a popular belief that most of the famous emeralds of Cleopatra were actually periods.

The people of Egypt called this stone the “gem of the sun,” while some speculated that it protected them against nightmares. Besides, it was deemed to bring the wearer power, confidence, and general good health and luck. Peridot gemstones are intimately correlated to the Hawaiian culture where they are assumed to be the volcano goddess Pele’s tears. Due to the high content of crushed olivine, the Big Island’s Papakolea Beach has a rare and beautiful green hue sands.

Peridot Gemstone Bracelet- A Perfect Jewelry Wear

Such a gemstone varies in different colors from yellowish lime green to deep, earthy olive tones. This makes them one of the much sought after jewelry options. A peridot gemstone bracelet is a wonderful choice for those who love green gemstones. Besides, it costs less than emeralds. So, if you wish you can gift this gemstone to somebody in the form of wedding bangles.

wedding bangles diamond bangle bracelet white gold

Many of us easily confuse shades of this gemstone with emeralds. However, when set against lustrous 14 karat yellow gold, it bestows a vibrant and fresh sparkle. If you look at an amazing collection of Nehita Jewelry, you will find peridot gemstones embedded in bracelets, bangles, rings, and more. They appear extremely beautiful and classy.

If you are seeking a unique jewelry piece for someone born in August or for yourself, consider our fancy peridot gemstone bracelet or peridot and diamond square ring. The famous Princess Kate would be frequently seen wearing jewelry made up of peridot gemstones.

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