Diamond, Diamond Everywhere! Ensure You Get the Best Diamond Earrings

Diamond, Diamond Everywhere! Ensure You Get the Best Diamond Earrings

Indeed, diamond earrings are the most universally desired jewelry. Diamond has almost spared nobody; everybody is hypnotized under its influence. Once a drop-dead gorgeous American actress Mae West said-

“I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.”

You can see how crazy people are behind it. Diamond earrings are truly an incredible gift to buy whether for someone else or yourself. There are many reasons why you may think of purchasing diamond earrings.

The diamond engagement ring surely puts the wedding in the spotlight but beautiful diamond earrings enhance your beauty and create a spark in your eyes. Diamonds with high quality are more profound and beautiful, but they demand higher prices as well.

Therefore, becoming an informed shopper will assist you in making the right choice when selecting a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings. In this blog, we are going to clear your doubts about the best place to buy diamond earrings and what to look for while buying them.

What to Look Out for While Buying Diamond Earrings?

pearl and diamond earrings


While purchasing any diamond accessories, diamonds are graded on the basis of 4C’s grading system to determine their quality. 4C’s stand for the cut, color, clarity, and carat and each of them make every diamond unique. No two diamonds are exactly the same. So, before you purchase the diamond, you must familiarize yourself with the 4C’s grading system.


The cut grade refers to whether the diamond has been cut to maximize glitter. While speaking of its cutting, we are more concerned about the diamond’s proportion in contrast to its shape. The most popular cut shape of diamond is the round. Other cut shapes that are considered as fancy cut are oval, radiant, cushion, heart, emerald, marquise, princess, and Asscher.


This grade typically refers to the diamond’s whiteness or its lack of color. Naturally, diamond comes in various colors. The GIA (Gemological Institute o America) rates the body color in white diamonds from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). The colors can be easily detected by the naked eyes.


It is determined by the location of blemishes or flaws in the diamond and the amount of inclusions found within the diamond when seen under 10x magnification. Most diamond has extremely tiny inclusions. The lesser the inclusions in the diamond, the more beautiful will be the diamond.

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Carat Weight

Carat is the weight of the diamond.  The more is the carat weight of the diamond, the more is its price and rarity. One carat is equal to 100 points. For instance, a diamond of 50 points weighs 0.5 carats. The carat weight is the easiest way of measuring a diamond. One must note that two diamonds can weigh equally but their value differs hugely due to their cut, color, and clarity.

Best Place to Buy Diamond Earrings- Nehita Jewelry

You might be thinking why and how Nehita Jewelry is the best place to buy diamond stud earrings. It is because every diamond or stone or gold is handpicked by Monalisa Okojie, the CEO and founder of Nehita Jewelry herself. She takes the utmost care and pay extra attention while setting her luxurious collection and ensure each accessory delivers a natural splendor.

best place to buy diamond stud earrings

Each of Nehita’s designs embody sophistication and integrate arts & culture and transcends time. Since its establishment in the year 2008, Nehita’s jewelry has been worn by celebrities such as Natalie Cole, Josh Henderson, Norah Jones, Whitney Houston, Alan Cumming, Sally Pressman, and the list goes on. We hope you have got enough reasons to ensure yourself Nehita Jewelry is the perfect destination for buying diamond accessories.

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