November Birthstone for November Babies, Your Valentine's Gift

November Birthstone for November Babies, Your Valentine's Gift

Valentine’s week has almost arrived and people are busy deciding and buying gifts for their beloved ones. While some are only expecting, others are planning to surprise their loved ones with amazing presents. There are also some who want to gift themselves and show some self-love. Believe me, showing self-love is even more important! To love others, you must first love yourself. So, if you are a November born fellow, gifting yourself a November birthstone would be the best present you will receive this Valentine’s day.

The good news is that November babies have two options to choose from- Citrine birthstone and Orange Topaz. Both the birthstones look beautiful and extremely elegant when worn with style. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best ways in which you can wear a November birthstone that looks chic and portrays sophistication.

Best Ways to Wear a November Birthstone with Style and Elegance

Before we leap onto ways to wear Topaz and Citrine birthstone, it’s essential to know why you are asked to wear them. How do they impact you and your life? Are you really going to get benefited after wearing it? The answer is yes. These stones are believed to bring a perfect balance in your life. They are known to keep the negative energies away from your life and calm your mind. Besides, they are highly advantageous in heeling you in several ways. Plus, they have a great and positive impact on your health.

Now that you are aware of its benefits, we can move onto the best ways to wear a November birthstone. They are as follows:

  1. As a Ring

    If you love pink, then Pink Topaz ring surely your thing. If you want a Citrine ring, then Nehita has kept the most elegant piece for you that you cherish forever. This Fancy Citrine ring would be a perfect choice to be worn to any party where you wish to look glamorous. The ring is surely going to make your day worth remembering. Fancy Citrine Ring

  2. As Earrings

    Nehita’s Allure Collection ~  is a perfect jewelry you can wear with both dark and light-colored ethnic as well as formal wear. It surely adds the taste of glamor and makes you look stunning. Believe me; you are going to steal the show! Have a look below:Citrine, Sapphire & Yellow Diamond Earrings

  3. As a Necklace/Pendant

    If you are planning to wear a white shirt along with dark blazer and pants on the casual working day, a Citrine birthstone pendant would be a perfect accessory choice for your attire. The elegant round pendant renders a charm of the sunshine while the bezel setting around the gemstone represents sophisticated elegance.november birthstone

  4. Bracelet

    Either you can wear these stones individually or in a bracelet consisting of various gemstones like Fancy Multi Gemstone offered by Nehita Jewelry. The bracelet comprises citrine, topaz, aquamarine, peridot, amethyst, and garnet. These gemstones embedded together in a bracelet create a rainbow that will make any brighter. It’s truly a royal way to adorn your wrist. You can wear it to any wedding reception or dinner date.Fancy Multi Gemstone Bracelet


In Conclusion

Citrine birthstone and Topaz are indeed among the most beautiful gems in the world. Wearing them in the aforementioned ways will always intensify your beauty, make you sophisticated, and look chic.

At Nehita Jewelry, we have a brilliant collection of several gemstones including citrine, topaz, Moonstone birthstone, etc. structured into beautiful jewelry pieces. To find out what they are, you must browse our online store. We assure you will fall in love with our beautiful accessories.

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