It's a new year, this year is all about making changes, making that power move and that includes the way we look, dress and how we want to be addressed (winks).

How we dress affects our day, work and life if we must be honest. Picking the perfect dress can be frustrating but finding the perfect jewelry to go with it, even much harder!

Jewelry is an important piece, that compliment dress so why not make informed decisions when you accessorize.

Here are a few tips on how to pick the perfect jewelry for the perfect dress.

OCCASIONS: being able to pick the perfect jewelry for every occasion is bliss. If you're dressing for work, where you have to type on your laptop or write, dangling jewelry wouldn't be advised. You should skip dangling earrings or bracelets. We'd  recommend you go with stud earrings. Look smart and cooperate. Each occasion determines the type of dress and earrings. Your choice of jewelry for night outing or dancing can't be the same for work or corporate events.

RINGS: It's no news, that rings go with any outfits. When a bracelet isn't working or even an option, it's advised to go with a ring especially when wearing a shirt with dramatic sleeves. No doubt, rings look super cute with long sleeves, you can try it out, if you doubt it and let us know your thoughts on it. You can't rock a long sleeve shirt with a bracelet but with a ring you can, because the sparkle draws attention to your hands and fingers.

SKIN TONE: the perfect combo is to be able to pick the dress and jewelry that goes with your skin tone. A lot of women are able to confidently rock every accessory. know how to highlight their skin tones with their jewelry. Warmer skin tone goes well with yellow gemstones while cooler skin goes with purple and blue gemstones. The secret to being able to find the jewelry that looks best on your skin tone lies with you or your jeweler,for those who need expert opinion.

It shouldn't be a surprise that pearls go with sea colors or colors found in the sea. For example deep blue to green. Come on, you already imagine how it looks, right? Pearls bring the sparkle in all colors. Pearls are always a safe bet.

TRENDS: It's okay to let trends influence your style. Trends change all the time. Your own style remains forever, it defines you. That's why it's important to understand and know what suits you, what you feel comfortable with.

Never loose your own style, your original style.

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