Single Pearl Pendant Necklace by Nehita - Wear it with Poise!

Single Pearl Pendant Necklace by Nehita - Wear it with Poise!

Pearls have been a favorite among women across the globe for centuries. You will find plenty of proof of its popularity among celebrities, who have worn pearls in a variety of ways from the classic stringed pearl necklaces to a single pearl pendant necklace. They are not just a symbol of elegance; they hold the power to add sophistication to your outfit, no matter what you choose to wear.

Some might feel that pearls are a thing of the past, yet there are many ways to put a modern twist on the classic. At Nehita, we offer a bit of both - the charm and grace of classic elegance as well as the style of modern simplicity. After all, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to jewelry, particularly the pieces with pearls, which is why we keep creating lots of exciting designs to keep you spoiled for choice! 

That’s not all - pearls are some of the most versatile among all the precious gemstones, it is timeless. Not only do they complement almost every outfit under the sun, but they can also be worn in countless ways. For instance, if you choose to wear a pearl necklace, its style can change based on the length of the necklace you have selected. 

Single Pearl Pendant Necklace- A Modern Take on the Classic

Of the various options in pearl necklaces available these days, the simple pendant pearl necklace has greatly increased in popularity. The reason for this is that it enables designers to create new designs that show a modern take on what most consider to be a traditional accessory much like classics such as the yellow gold anklet and diamond engagement rings.


So yes, you could opt for a pearl choker like the one Princess Diana favored, or choose a minimalistic look with Rose Gold, Tahitian Pearl Necklace by Nehita if you prefer a single pearl as the centerpiece of an intricate pattern.

Things to Know When Buying a Pearl Necklace

Ready to go shopping for your new pearl jewelry? Here are a few things you ought to know before you go:

  1. Pearl jewelry has a knack for being the focus, so it is important to ensure that the pearl necklace matches the color of the outfit.
  2. If you are planning to wear light colors, then go for white pearls as they will appear shinier since the bright colors bring out their luster.
  3. Your outfit is not the only factor here - you need to focus on your accessories as well because pearls may not complement other accessories you wear.
  4. Certain types of pearl necklaces also go well with other types of jewelry such as teardrop earrings made of semi-precious stones like Sapphire, Amethyst or a Moonstone birthstone. This allows the gems to add color and further enhance your appearance.
  5. Additionally, you can wear a pearl necklace like the ones in our collection with diamonds. This can prove to be a stunning combination if worn the right way, which is to wear it with a simple outfit.

We hope this blog helped you understand some of the ways to add pearls to your outfit. It is really easy and comfortable to wear a single pearl pendant necklace. Moreover, pearls make the perfect gift for women of all ages!

Gone are the days when pearls used to be something that only your grandma wore - at Nehita, you are sure to find a pair of spectacular earrings, other pearl jewelry, or a white gold anklet that matches your personality perfectly. Take a look at our amazing collection at our online store today!

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