Significance of Wearing Moonstone Birthstone Embedded Jewelry

Significance of Wearing Moonstone Birthstone Embedded Jewelry

The Moonstone has captured the hearts of many jewelry lovers and there’s no surprise why. This birthstone has a spectacular balmy appearance and is made with the presence of light and its movement. The soft color and glowing sheen of the stone makes it alluring. Somebody who was born in June is lucky enough to wear the moonstone birthstone. To your surprise, the June born people are one of only three months (August and December) who can have three birthstones and have a variety of beautiful choices.

moonstone birthstone

Different colored-moonstone comes in different price ranges. At Nehita Jewelry, you can explore delightful collections of these stones embedded into rings and pendants. You can have one of those or more that suit your mood and budget. We also offer citrine birthstone for November-born people. Therefore, if you are planning to have one, do browse our array of jewelry constructed from gems. In case, you don’t have any, we suggest you get one and here’s why.

Why Wearing Moonstone Birthstone is Essential for Gemini?

The enchanting June Birthstone has its origination from lakes, rivers, and oceans around the world. This timeless wardrobe staple is loved by women of all age groups. Just like its name, Moonstone derives its properties from the moon and is extracted from Feldspar- a common mineral. Without much ado, let’s find out why wearing a moonstone birthstone would be beneficial for Gemini-

  1. The gem holds mystical and remarkable properties to benefit the wearer in multiple ways. Besides, it’s considered to initiate a refreshing beginning with rejuvenated energy and displays the true self of its wearer. It is also believed as a lucky gemstone for the lovers that help them to unite for eternity.
  2. The next benefit of this gem will only be understood or experienced by the one who wears it or have seen it. Why? It is so because the stone manifests an optical phenomenon known as Adularescence that creates an extraordinary glow on the surface of moonstone. As moonlight glides across a large body of calm water; similarly the light moves across the stone when the light reflects off of the thin layers of various feldspar minerals within the stone.
  3. As believed, this birthstone begets a positive impact on hormone balance. It helps with physical conditions such as hair loss and psoriasis. Besides, it also aids with fluctuating emotions and confusion.
  4. The wearer of moonstone may have benefits in terms of easing pain during childbirth and menstruation. Besides targeting feminity, the stone promotes and nurtures gentleness and intuition in people. However, one must note that these qualities are inherent in everybody.
  5. Men wearing this stone for strengthening your feminity can bring balance to your life. Furthermore, you would be surprised to know that the moonstone is one of the most wonderful fertility aids.

Besides, there are several other advantages of wearing this moonstone and it completely depends on how you wear it.

In a Nutshell

Moonstone birthstone has the capability of changing the lives of the wearer in several ways. It offers multiple benefits from controlling the emotional attitudes of people to enhancing their physical conditions. Besides, it looks elegant and compliments your personality when you wear it. Therefore, if you are seeking any of the birthstone, be it November birthstone or June birthstone, etc., we offer these gems into a beautifully crafted ring or pendant or earrings.Do check our brilliant collections of rings and earrings now, and get the favorite one to your home.

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