A Gem Of The Sun

It's a beautiful month of August and our gem for the month is "Peridot" pronounced “pair-eh-dough. The unique month of August, has three gemstones namely: Sardonyx, Spinel, peridot but our main focus will be on the Peridot gemstone.


Here are a few things to know about this magnificent beauty.


  • The Peridot gemstone has been associated with the sun. This gemstone represents strength and can be found in Hawaii in a lava or even meteorites from outer space, cool right? One of the main reasons it's associated with the sun is because of its green color.
  • The Peridot was mined by ancient Egyptians. Do you know this beautiful gemstone is also used as a talisman for protection against evil, terrors and  reptiles especially snakes. It was widely argued that few of Cleopatra's Jewelry collection were Peridots.
  • Peridot gemstone can be found in different shades of yellowish green and greenish yellow. Most often peridot gets mixed up with topaz? The Red Sea Island of Topazios produced Peridot, hence the mix up.

  • The gem of the sun was greatly valued in a lot of ancient and medieval cultures. It was also said to have been seen  in priests’ jewelry as early as the second century (BCE) and also later in the chalices and churches of medieval Europe.
  • The Three Holy Kings shrine in Germany’s Cologne Cathedral which was widely believed to be decorated with 200 carats of emeralds gem were actually, peridot gemstones.
  • Finally, Peridot gemstones are gems given on a 16th wedding anniversary. The perfect gift does exist in this elegant August gemstone. 

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