A blog post on June gemstone

 A June gemstone

The astonishing month of June has three beautiful gemstones and they're MOONSTONE, ALEXANDRITE and PEARLS. June is one of the three month that has more than one gemstone, but our focus is going to be on pearls

It's without doing that pearls are one of the most wanted gemstones by the powerful women. Here are a few things you need to know about these astonishing gemstones.

Pearls are known to be the ultimate gem of feminine power according to diamond store magazine. 

  • Natural pearls are one of the rarest jewels. Less than one in every ten thousand wild oysters contain pearls, only 1% of pearls used in jewelry are natural, yes they are that rare, that is one of the things that makes this gem so special.
  • Until 2016, when a Filipino fisherman who had kept a pearl under his bed, as a good luck charm house burnt down but the pearl was untouched. It was found and measured at 26 inches long and weighing nearly 75 pounds, shocking right? It was valued at 100million dollars, yes, you heard that right. It is the world's most expensive pearl.
  • Pearls are the only gemstone to come from a living creature (oysters).
  • It's widely known that Cleopatra used a pearl to win a bet. Wanting to prove to Mark Anthony that she could host the most expensive dinner in history, she instructed her maids to bring her the strongest vinegar they could get. It was brought before her, and she dropped one of her two expensive pearls into the drink. Making this cocktail the most expensive drink in the world. 

There are so many interesting pearl stories and tales. For now, we leave you with just these. 

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