Moonstone Birthstone: All About the Captivating Gemstone

Moonstone Birthstone: All About the Captivating Gemstone

Moonstone is among the trendiest gemstones today. It appeals to the younger generations in boho-chic themed jewelry pieces, from rose gold rings to dangling earrings. Jewelry designers have been eager to create breathtaking jewelry encasements to reflect the radiance of the Moonstone birthstone perfectly.  moonstone birthstone Moonstone also goes by the name Hecatolite, it doesn't sound as ephemeral and mystical as "Moonstone" does, does it? This popular gemstone holds importance in the ancient science of Ayurveda and in astrology for its relaxing, calming, and healing properties.

Moonstone Birthstone: Its Composition, Origin and Abilities

Let’s learn more about this wonderful stone, starting with its makeup - 

Moonstone Constitution

Adularescence: When you look at a moonstone birthstone closely, the light that it captures appears to dance inside, making it look magical. Such a phenomenon is natural and visible in a few gemstones. This is one of Moonstone’s qualities that makes it so unique. It is also known to have the “cat’s eye effect” since the phenomenon resembles the alert eye of a cat.

Different Colors: Moonstone is found in different shades, so you may be able to spot the soft silvery-bluish glow in its other occurrences. It naturally occurs in cream, white, peach, blue, and gray. There is also a stone called the Rainbow Moonstone with its own unique appearance and importance since the ancient ages. 

Timeless Transcendence: Modern jewelry like pearl and diamond earrings are popular but precious stones like this beautiful gemstone have been in existence for thousands of years. Moonstone has had a special place for spiritual people all over the world, including India, Ancient Rome, and Europe in the middle ages. It has been a symbol of nature and the removal of superficiality for mystics; it has also helped them peacefully undertake their spiritual journeys.  best place to buy diamond ringsMoonstone is considered to be one of the most holy stones in India. High priests saw it as a sacred stone that could eradicate ego and bring clarity from a spiritual aspect. In ancient Rome, this gemstone was said to show the image of Diana, the Roman goddess of the moon.

Additionally, it was believed to reunite couples and heal insomnia centuries ago in Europe. All these accounts from different parts of the world show its significance.

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Moonstone Birthstone and its Use in Jewelry

With astrology gaining prominence among the masses, moonstone birthstone jewelry is quickly becoming popular for gifting and self-use as well. Birthstones bring fortune and many other wonderful properties to people who wear them. They are available in many fabulous designs in rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

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