Caring For Your Jewelry

Caring For Your Jewelry

Jewelries have a sentimental value, for quite a lot of people. For some it is a means of investment. We can't deny the fact that they're one of the most cherished accessories, so maintaining and caring for them goes a long way in the presence of beauty for a long time.

 So here are some few jewelry care tips:

  • Point is to know when to remove your jewelry. Before applying lotion or perfumes to your skin, remove your jewelry first, even when cooking, cleaning or doing any kind of chores, it's best to remove your jewelry. Alternatively, do not apply lotion, perfumes or any chemicals directly on our jewelry..
  • The need to avoid excess light on your jewelry, gemstones such as topaz or amethyst can fade over time due to excessive light. It is a known fact  that one of the things that affect the color of a gemstone is heat. It is best to avoid direct heat on your jewelry.
  • Have a jewelry box, to separate your accessories to avoid getting them tangled. No matter how careful we try to be, jewelry if not properly stored can get tangled, one piece of jewelry in another. Get separate boxes from your valuable jewelry and a tarnish resistant jewelry bag for silver pieces. 
  • Always check up on your jewelry and sometimes ask yourself a question, is it getting tarnished? Has the shine disappeared? Are the stones firm or are they loose? If you have more yes than no's, we'd advise you to visit a jeweler to check and identify which of the pieces needs cleaning or which one needs to be fixed.

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