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Aquamarine Jewelry was coined from the Latin word “aqua marina”, which means “sea water”, and is a blue variety of Beryl.


Aquamarine is one of the most coveted gemstones in the world. The gemstone was first discovered by accident, when a French lady looking for some amber jewelry forgot to put it in her purse. Because the stone had faded so greatly from its natural color, it was difficult to determine the source. After further study, it was determined that the gemstone Aquamarine Crystal comes from deep waters off the coast of Africa, like Sierra-Leone, Madagascar, Tanzania and Sri- Lanka.

A good quantity of the aquamarine in circulation today is sourced from several mines located in Brazil, especially in Minas-Gerais, which means in literal terms “General mines”.

Whether your curiosity in aquamarine gemstones stems from your interest in what could be made out of aquamarine gemstone or you have an interest in mining, one thing is very clear: the aquamarine is a precious stone that can be mined by both hobbyists and professional, commercial operations.


The most sought-after gemstone by jewelry connoisseurs across the globe is the aquamarine. It is often found combined with several other gemstones to create a more dazzling array of colors than is found in nature. For instance, aquamarines are often blended with topaz or amethyst to create the rich shades of green and blue used in engagement rings. They are often used to make jewelry that allows for easy identification, since they tend to bear many commonalities with blue-Nile crystals. the gemstone can also take on a host of other hues if they are properly cut and heat treated.

The most contemporary example is the aquamarine necklace worn by Queen Elizabeth II which was given to her as a coronation present by the Brazilian government. 


It takes careful scrutiny to tell the difference between a blue topaz and an aquamarine jewelry. You can use a jeweler’s loupe to tell the two gemstones apart. Two refraction lines will appear when you look through a jeweler’s loupe and you will know for a fact that it is a blue topaz and not an aquamarine. 

The deep, saturated colors that come from aquamarines are unique. The sheer beauty of the gemstone is what makes it such a coveted gem. This gemstone has been worn by kings, queens, and celebrities for centuries, and continues to be a favorite choice for people who care about quality and authenticity.


If you are looking for something distinctive and beautiful to accent your own style, you might want to consider a NEHITA aquamarine stone or two.



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