Anklets! Anklets - What Makes Them a Popular Choice?

Anklets! Anklets - What Makes Them a Popular Choice?

There are many misconceptions regarding women wearing anklets. While in a few places, women wearing anklets with small bells were considered the dancers or housewives others linked it to be worn by mostly women of easy virtue.

However, nowadays, anklets are just another fashion statement. They are worn around the ankles and they represent feminism. Some wear them on both the legs while others prefer to wear them on a single leg. History portrays that anklets were first worn in Egypt. Almost every social class wore them as a feminine ornament. And why not, after all, they adorn the beauty of the foot or leg.

In this blog, we will get deeper into why wearing anklets could be beneficial for girls and women. So, keep reading until the end-

Benefits of Wearing Anklets for Girls

Today, the concept of wearing anklets has entirely changed. Earlier, these were worn with bells and charms attached. However, we suggest you keep it simple. Let’s find out the importance of wearing them-

The very first reason for wearing an ankle bracelet is that they enhance the beauty of the feet.

Apart from adorning the feet, wearing anklets also offers several health benefits to the wearer. The ornament producing a melodious sound activates the lymph glands in the body, which in turn helps in boosting immunity. Further, it is also believed that wearing white or yellow gold anklet cures infertility, gynecological disorders, obstetric problems, and hormonal imbalance. Hence, they aren’t just accessories but something much more than that.

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Collection of Anklets at Nehita

At Nehita, we provide a delightful collection of anklets from yellow gold to white gold anklet in affordable price ranges. You can choose from these beautiful collections described below:

Endless Charm Anklet by Nehita- It’s an 18-carat yellow gold anklet consisting of multi-colored stone. Because of its impressive look, people are opting more for this.

14kt Red Crystal Anklet- It’s a simple fourteen karat yellow gold anklet adorned with red sparkling crystal which gives an alluring look. It is also available in onyx and gold chain.

Multi-Colored Charm Anklet- The anklet comes in white gold of 18 karats. It consists of a multi-colored stone that enhances the beauty of the anklet and creates a great charm for the wearer.

White Gold Anklet- It’s a pretty simple anklet made up of afourteen-carat white gold. It represents the simplicity and classiness of the wearer.

There are several other delectable designs of anklets available at our online store. Besides, we offer a diverse range of other jewelry pieces such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and more. Therefore, if you are looking to buy anklets, then explore Nehita website. Discover the amazing collections we have and get the best for you!

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